When I was young, I wanted to be a lawyer. I found much delight in expressing my thoughts for all to hear. Somehow, I know that I had it in me the ability to flipside life for people to realize and embrace certain truths. But my journey to law school was derailed because I found some fulfillment in being an observer of life. A keen one at that. I discovered that the world wasn’t only a courtroom for healthy debates, but a classroom where I can be a teacher and a student as well. Everyday, lessons can be learned and relearned over and over again and stories can be told in different ways and have different endings. Living was a mandatory assignment. So while discovering the fun and the fuss, the mystery as well as the misery of growing up, I did not resist everything that was happening around me. I breathed everything in. Many times I find myself choking. Yet I never lost my zest for reasoning out, questioning and probing. A series of arguments ensued – mostly between my mind and a sheet of paper. I went through a whole gamut of experiences that could be deemed poetic justice, but the cross examination mainly happened with me, myself and Minnie. With society as my judge, and my friends and family as jury, I would treat my pen or the keys in my laptop as my wobbly gavel. I would pound thought after thought, as each emotional crime would reach a verdict expressed in words that were raw but downright real. Lost in the stenography of prose, poetry, letters and song, I would find myself guilty of a much bigger calling.

I was born to write.

It has always been my dream to have my own decent column where I can scribble away and move people with my stories. But to have a space in the daily may prove to be difficult since I am no celebrity nor am I a hardcore literati. So for the past years, I have contented myself invading the broadsheet with commissioned press ads while ideating commercials for television. But those were never really my thoughts. It was work. Sure, I got to write for glossies occasionally but I never owned the slant. So this time around, I dare call the shots. I proclaim this site as my ode to myself. A place to share the stuff that drives me serious and silly. Sad to say, but this is not meant to be an online diary. This is more of a blog where I intend to hopefully pull the right cord in each reader’s soul. I wish to inspire people by telling them how my measly life has somehow evolved. Hopefully, week after week, I can command my mind to be still and tell the world that my existence has its meaning by living out an experience I may not outright comprehend, but perhaps, other people can patiently decipher & understand my issues much better and in the process, feel good in some sense.


The title of my site is not a spin-off of the Albom classic even if I enjoyed that book immensely. It was just that I was born a Tuesday. And for some reason, Tuesdays has always been my favorite day of the week when something good happens. So I told myself that come every Tuesday, I will write and allow myself to be naked. I will open myself up to the critical world harboring the least of expectations, only with the intent to breathe my words to the waiting universe. If you choose to embrace it, then I will be grateful knowing that you have taken a part of me with you. Through my articles and stories, you will know me, love me, hate me, laugh with me, cry with me or maybe simply not agree with me … but I take comfort in knowing that every Tuesday, I come to life to do what I really love.


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